Saturday, April 13, 2013

Death is on their toe - A poem by Ramesh Tailang

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Trapped in the conflict zones
they are innocently playing 
with landmines
not knowing that 
a bit of second
shall shatter their bodies into pieces
and there would be no one on Earth
to cry for them.

They are not the soldiers 

fighting wars,
They are not the convicts,
sentenced by any criminal court 
with capital punishment.

Who..they are? 

They are nothing but a shield 

made for terrorist outfits 
to cover their cowardliness 
The are nothing but the sensational bytes 
for  news-starved media.
They are nothing but  a  scape-goat
free for all.


There.......... they are.....
just to show... 
Death is on their toe!

- Ramesh Tailang

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